Value of Chanting

The Value of Chanting the I Ching Hexagrams

Coming From:

When you divine a hexagram to answer a question, the hexagram interpretation relates to where you are coming from.

What is changing now:

The changing lines relate to what is changing now as you ask the question.

Going To:

The new hexagram formed after changing the changing lines, represents the future and where you are going to.

First you read the hexagram and think about it for a while. Then when it makes sense you read the changing lines and these relate to what is going on at the moment. Then you think about this for a while until it makes sense to you. Then you read the changed hexagram as think about its implications for the future and how it relates to you.

Once you have done the reading and thinking, some time is needed to contemplate and reflect on the implications. This process gets you aligned with the changes you are involved with and can be a guide for helpful initiatives.

Chanting the Hexagrams:

To take this process a step further one can chant the hexagram for the past until the thoughts about it dissipate and you come into a place of meditation. Then you chant the hexagram of where you are going to until the thoughts of the future are dissipated and you come to a place of meditation. This state of meditation takes you beyond duality and into oneness.

Oneness is the ultimate completion of working with the changes.

Words are the trails to images. Follow the words and think about them until you have gathered the images. Once you have the images, what need is there for words?

Images are the traps of meaning. Gather the images until you encompass the meaning. Once you have the meaning, what need is there for images?

When chanting the hexagrams it is a good idea to chant them continuously for anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes. This will produce a trance like experience and transcend words and thoughts.

Once this has been accomplished one simply rests in the silence for as long as one is able.

Peace on earth, good will to man!

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